Wayfaring Companions is built upon four elements: Vitality, Mystery, Presence, and Moxie. Each element is unique, but they are also interactive. Their interaction produces a synergy that enlivens our spiritual journey and guides our engagement with the world. 

Learn about the 4 Elements

Vitality is a benevolent energy, Divine grace, moving through all things toward the greater good.

Presence is the ability to remain calm and firmly rooted in the moment.

Mystery, as it relates to the Divine, is something that can be partially known but not fully known. 

Moxie is embodied when we authentically take bold action for the greater good. 

These four elements serve as bridges, upon which people can move toward wholeness. 

Vitality can help us move from languishing with low energy toward harnessing the energy of the Spirit for the greater good. 

Presence moves us from being asleep internally and externally in life toward noticing and developing consciousness. 

Mystery can help us move from struggling to find vocabulary for spiritual awakening toward peace with the unknown.  

Moxie moves us from being stuck in our call to action toward being able to take bold action for the greater good.

We have written a series of short articles about the elements, their interconnectedness, and how we see them in spiritual companionship.

Explore the Four Elements below: