Our style is playful, adventurous, and communal. In all our offerings: training retreats, webinars, or self-paced content, we seek to connect companions, foster lively discussions, share meaningful literature, cultivate curiosity, and engage experiential learning opportunities. Consistent with our understanding of spiritual companionship, we honor what each person brings to a gathering, trusting collective wisdom more than our individual knowledge. 

We utilize and train our companions in an evocative approach to spiritual direction. In this style, spiritual companions listen to their conversation partners journey and then asks questions to evoke a response and deeper reflection from them. There is seldom, if ever, any direct advice given unless the conversation partner asks for the companion’s thoughts.

Wayfaring Companion Poem

We are all longing to be heard.
To be known. To belong.

We are longing to be seen,
with our scars and our tears,
our gifts and our gold –
without realizing the treasure
may spring forth from the wound.

When we show up brave and open-hearted
we give the gift of this deep presence
to those around us and the world beyond.

Whether we are in line at the grocery store,
sitting in a pew, or walking through a park,
our tender and compassionate presence
creates a safe space for others to open their own hearts.

As our collective hearts open,
we are able to listen to the whisper of intuition within,
discern the gentle call of nature’s voice,
and tune in to the Great Mystery that surrounds.

As we share our gifts freely,
listen deeply, and live collaboratively,
we bring wholeness to a world longing for
transformation and connection.

As we transform ourselves,
we share these tools so others may join
this healing journey.

We walk together, as Wayfaring Companions,
listening to a world longing to be heard.