Our 20 month training program draws together great teaching, great books, experiential learning, meaningful relationships, and fun – fully on-line for increased access and inclusion! Here are more highlights:

  • In-depth exploration of a wide range of approaches to prayer
  • Great books and teaching
  • Practice in listening to the Divine, the self, others, and creation, and a community of learners to encourage and inspire each other
  • Retreat format of learning through seminar: presentation of ideas that moves into discussion, activity and/or workshop
  • Experiential learning including games, real-play, guided meditation
  • Small groups
  • Breaking down the act of listening to small, doable, practical elements
    • Stair-step model, building on one skill to move up to the next skill
  • Role-plays that invite genuine discernment
  • Observing others in their work of spiritual companioning
  • Third-year option for additional training and Certification as a Wayfaring Companion

Tuition: $4500 Total – Tuition can be paid in two annual payments or with a deposit of $500 and monthly payments over the 20 months.

  • Cost includes:
  • 72 hours of group teaching and discussion
  • 56 hours of small group practical application practice
  • 6 hours of individual mentoring
  • Online platforms with self-paced content and Interactive online sessions
  • Resources and Support
  • Competencies

Retreat Dates for the 2022 Cohort (all retreats are hosted on Zoom)

New Cohorts Form Every Fall
Contact Ryan for more information:

For an in-depth look at the skills you will develop in Wayfaring Companions, check out our “20 Month Training: Competencies”

Do you feel interested, but want to learn more? Do you want to preview what it is like working with us? Do you have questions and want to meet with one of the faculty?